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May 22, 2020

A special note on this Memorial Day Observation - This weekend, please take time to acknowledge those in uniform who gave their all, to our country for the rights and freedoms that we enjoy today. Enjoy your family, barbecues and remember them.


We want you to know that we are monitoring the Orange County Health Agency and the Governor’s office for information regarding reopening and at this time we will not be reopening. Please realize that the Board of Directors and Management team have been hard at work, meeting and participating in teleconferences, webinars, etc., to keep abreast of the current status of COVID-19 and changes of the guidelines and recommendations for reopening of the facilities.

The urgent message we want to impart is that is the responsibility of each of us to educate ourselves on the new norm and how to stay healthy. Learn the new Temporary Emergency Rules now that they have been approved and adopted by the Board of Directors in an Executive Session on May 21, 2020. We must take responsibility of ourselves.

Again, we want to thank each of you for your patience as we work through these ever-changing circumstances and develop ways to make this work for all of us.

The isolation/lack of social interaction can be very stressful and we all know it, so please understand that the minute we have the opportunity to safely open “even just” a portion of the facilities, we will, but we must follow the directives of our local governments, as well as protect our Residents and Staff at the same time. In the meanwhile, it is wonderful to see so many people with their families taking advantage of walking around the lake, fishing, etc..

Please remember to pick-up after your dogs and to use the trash dispensers distributed around the lake perimeter.


  • All events in July are cancelled
  • Eventsfor August are on notice, but will probably be cancelled
  • Swim lessons and the swim club have un been unfortunately cancelled for this summer (there may be opportunities for swim club members to join an outside team)
  • The “new normal” will be how we conduct our social living as well as our work environment, until they discover a vaccine and testing procedures


In the meantime, the Staff continues to work remotely, while alternating office duty and are to be applauded for their performance!

As previously stated, we believe we have essential functions that need to be completed, including but not limited to ensuring the safety and security of our common area facilities, ensuring the pools filtration systems continue to operate, and to ensure that the lake remains healthy and its 11 motors and 21 skimmers remain operational. As such, we will continue with our Community Services Patrol and a skeleton maintenance crew. We will also have a manager on duty each day.

It is our priority to ensure the health and safety of our Staff. Our Administrative Offices and facilities will be closed through May with the possibility of an extension. Should you need to contact the offices, please send an email to one of our employees, they will be working remotely and checking emails:

Susan Janowicz, General Manager   [email protected]

Jeff Leinen, Operations Manager       [email protected]

Robert Girolamo, Finance Manager   [email protected]

Cheryl Lee, Finance Assistant           [email protected]

Bree Illum, Activities Coordinator       [email protected]

Lisa Walton, Community Relations Coordinator    [email protected]

For those homeowners who wish to drop off payments, architectural applications or other correspondence, please either mail it or drop off in the mailbox located at the top of the traffic circle, behind the monument sign. This box is emptied each evening.

Please feel free to contact us through email at [email protected]. This email will also be checked periodically on a daily basis.

With deep appreciation, a huge thank you to our entire management and admin staff for the grace and fortitude they have lead with as we work through these almost “hourly” changing times.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we hope everyone is staying well and keeping safe. Please continue to practice tactical distancing (new way of saying social distancing), while at the same time keeping in touch with your friends and family – it’s a best practice for your mental well-being.

Tactical Distancing is the new activity – wear it and your mask with honor!


Bridget Blehm, President
East Lake Village Community Association

East Lake Village Reopening Guide and Temporary Emergency Rules

Please refer to the PowerPoint Presentationfor details on reopening the facilities and the Temporary Emergency Rules by clickingon the "Documents" on the menu bar.

The following is a summary only


The answers are dependent on the Governmental mandates, evaluations of staffing needs, protections for both Residents and Staff, and developing and communicating the “new norm” to Residents and Staff.

(Refer to pages 7-10)

* No Guests Allowed * Reservations Required * ELV ID Cards Required


Things can and will change! Change will be inevitable and constant for the time being – but we will get through this TOGETHER.

This is an evolving and working document that will be updated to reflect changes in Governmental directives as they become available.


The Board of Directors has created this plan through the guidance and consultation of industry professionals including but not limited to - legal, insurance, management, and industry organizations.

The Board of Directors has the responsibility and duty to adhere to Governmental Orders, and in order to create a plan must assess and mitigate the risk to our Residents and Staff and adopt Temporary Emergency Rules. (Refer to pages 4-6 for Board Responsibility and Duties)


Stage1 – referto pages 13-15

Administrative / Maintenance Offices

Full time Administrative and Maintenance Staff to return on-site and prepare for opening operations and amenities

Stage 2

Implementation of Temporary EmergencyRules - refer to pages 17-19, and Temp. Emergency Rules

Front Desk – Business Transactions Only- refer to pages 20-22

§ 9am-7pm, seven days per week

Boats – CATS Only - refer to pages 23-24

§ 10am – 7pm

§ Reservations Required

ClubhousePools – refer to page 25-29

§ Reservations Required

§ Limited capacity at each pool

§ All pool furniture will be removed – you may bring you own

RCII Pool – refer to page 30

§ Reservations Required

§ Limited capacity at each pool

§ All pool furniture will be removed – you may bring you own

Fishing – refer to page 32

§ Remains open from shoreline

§ No equipment or fishing boats will be available for checkout

BBQ / Picnic Area – refer to pages 33-34

§ Reservations Required

§ Limited capacity

Basketball / Volleyball Courts – refer to pages 35-38

§ Reservations Required

§ Limited capacity

Stage3 – refer to pages 40-41

The remaining amenities will remain closed and will be reviewed and staged into operation based upon Governmental Orders and the health and safety of our Residents and Staff:

  • Clubhouse Room
  • Saunas
  • RCII Gym / Spa
  • Heritage Pool Facility
  • Events / Activities / Programs



  • Always carry your ELV ID card
  • Be supportive – Remember, we are allin this TOGETHER
  • Take personal responsibility for yourhealth and safety
  • Be responsible for your personalhygiene
  • Wear a mask when meeting with Staff
  • Be socially responsible and respectfulto others
  • Self-manage social distancing


We thank you in advance for your review and consideration. We are asking for your immediate feedback and comments by May 20, 2020. Please reply to this email or directly to [email protected].

#EastLakeStrong #WeAreInThisTogether #OneStepAtATime-OneDayAtATime

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